5 Reasons Our NEW Sport Court Backyard Court was the Best Decision Ever!!

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NEW from Sport Court!

PowerGame+ Backyard Basketball Court | AllSport America

When you’re looking to put in a court at your home or business, you look for the best. The professional-level performance, beautiful aesthetics, the highest rated in safety, and the best bang for your buck. Sport Court has become synonymous with backyard game courts for good reason! Looking to stay ahead of the game, Sport…

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Lower Your Premiums With a Wellness Program

Pixar Studios Corporate Campus Sport Court Basketball Court in Emeryville, CA | AllSport America

With the cost of employer-provided health care benefits rising yearly, to almost $15,000 per employee in 2019, large U.S. employers are looking for ways to lower their premiums. Although sometimes viewed as ineffective and trendy, wellness programs are an incredibly important tool to consider incorporating into your company’s health care approach. Begin saving money viewing…

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Employee Amenity Areas on Corporate Campus

Bocce Courts Pacific Pearl Sport Court Volleyball Court Custom Bishop Ranch San Ramon Danville Pleasanton Dublin Alamo Walnut Creek Northern California Bay Area

Building A Better Bishop Ranch Bishop Ranch Business Park knows that continually investing in their tenants and community is the best way to build their reputation and loyalty within the area. The buildings the tenants work in every day are a no-brainer. However, the executive team at Bishop Ranch knew they had to support their…

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Google’s Indoor Sport Court Remodel

Time for a Refresh Over a decade ago, the Pacific Shores Club entrusted AllSport America and Sport Court to provide a high performance, multi-use athletic floor in their gymnasium.  After years of companies moving in and out, Google now occupies the surrounding business park around the Pacific Shores Club. With a total of ten buildings…

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Using Your Sport Court to Master Fall and Winter Sports

Health Benefits Although you and your kids may be tempted to stay inside drinking hot cocoa and watching movies, it’s so important to keep moving! Your Sport Court allows the perfect opportunity to get the blood pumping all throughout the chillier months with fall sports and winter sports. Staying indoors all day during the winter…

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Home Improvement: What To Do With All That Space?

Residential Backyard Sport Court Game Court | Backyard Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Volleyball Court, Futsal Court, Pickleball Court and Badminton Court | AllSport America

Home Improvement Worries Many homeowners in the world ask themselves this question when on the topic of home improvement.  However, many homeowners will say “I wish I had more space.” For those who have too much space, we can help solve the problem with a few ideas.  Sure, it seems simple to add lawn or…

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Backyard Basketball Court – Design Ideas

Basketball Gallery

Planning For Your Sport Court Design When it comes to building a backyard basketball court, having some design ideas upfront is a good start.  There are many factors to take into consideration, for example, existing landscape, orientation, colors, lighting, placement, elevations, and materials.  Our design staff has over 40+ years of experience designing backyard basketball…

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Low Maintenance Bocce Ball Court Surfaces

Custom backyard bocce ball court

What’s the biggest headache with having a traditional oyster shell or decomposed granite bocce ball court surface?  It’s the extremely high level of maintenance required to prep the court before play.  Every single time, you are suppose to rake, broom, wet and roll your organic surface.  It’s kind of like a Japanese Garden, without all…

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