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Whether we are resurfacing tennis courts or we build a new tennis court from the ground up, we are your Northern California Tennis Court Construction and Resurfacing Specialist. 

In the past, contractors built tennis courts with an asphalt base which breaks down and cracks over time.  We provide you with a longer lasting and more maintenance free tennis court due to constructing engineered concrete sports foundations.  Equally important, we utilize synthetic overlay systems that have longer-term warranties against cracking and the highest levels of shock absorption.

Choose from our Modular or Nova ProBounce Cushioned Hard Courts overlay systems. If your court needs smaller repairs, we can fix cracks with our engineered crack repair systems.  Maybe you just need a fresh coat of color?  In that case, choose from our wide range of acrylic color options to liven up your tennis court!

We work with a wide range of customers, from residential to country clubs, universities like UC Berkeley to community tennis courts. There are many options and advantages to the surfaces we install, and many projects need something another doesn't.  We have a Certified Tennis Court Builder on staff who will help you find the right solution for your tennis court project, whether it be new construction or resurfacing an existing court.

Interested in what is going on in the tennis world?  Here you can read commentary and archival information about tennis from The New York Times. 

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Sport Court®

Sport Court Modular Tennis Court Surfaces

Modular Tennis CourtSport Court® is the Official Supplier of Modular Surfaces for the United States Tennis Association. Our patented Lateral Forgiveness™ provides safety on joints and ligaments for children and adults. As a result, our performance outdoor tennis courts allows tennis players of all ages and skill levels, with an easy-on-the-joints, responsive surface on which to perfect their game.

AllSport America is the leader in tennis court construction and tennis court resurfacing.  We represent 2 of the 3 Certified Tennis Court Builders in Northern California. 

Currently, AllSport America serves families and large facilities, building and installing tennis courts and multi-sport game courts throughout Northern California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, Santa Rosa, Napa, Sonoma, Sacramento, Fresno, and the Monterey Bay Area.

Low Maintenance

No resurfacing, repainting or need to squeegee water off of a Sport Court® Tennis Modular surface. Due to the self-draining surface, your tennis court stays clean by allowing water, dirt and debris to drain through. Sport Court® Modular Sports Surfaces will not flake, blister, or peal due to excessive water saturation, and as a result your tennis court will last for many years. 



we can help design your tennis court and choose from a variety of 20 colors to fit your mood and desired aesthetic.

Sport Court® Power Game™

power gamePowerGame™ is "The Safest Court in the World" and features the lowest skin abrasion of any outdoor court surface.  In addition, PowerGame™ is made of the highest quality materials and UV stabilizers to protect your investment. The patented Double-Tier shock absorbing grid and Lateral Forgiveness™ reduce joint strain and fatigue and allows you to play tennis longer with less risk of injury. PowerGame™ is the official suspended modular surface of the United States Tennis Association (USTA).

Court Specs

Nova' ProBounce

Nova ProBounce

  • Patented monolithic overlay system which is completely detached from the underlying system
    • Doesn't allow cracks to penetrate the surface!
  • Ultimate hard court comfort – Decreased player fatigue – Reduced impact stress injuries
  • No dead spots
  • Excellent ball response and consistent traction
  • nova SpecsMulti-year warranty
  • Engineered to be more technologically advanced than standard hard court acrylic
  • Ultimate hard court with cushioned comfort
  • Reduced impact stress injuries
  • Excellent ball response and consistent traction on your tennis court






Sport Court Nova Pro Bounce Tennis Court Calistoga, CA

Sport Court Tennis, Nova' ProBounce Surfacing Overlay, No Cracks, Cushioned Court Calistoga, California

TitanTrax Shield®-TN

Crack Repair

Crack Repair

Crack Repair

Guardian Crack Repair

Guardian® Crack Repair

Guardian®Crack Repair LogoThe GUARDIAN® Crack Repair Product combines an advanced flexible fabric with ultra aggressive adhesives capable of 300% elongation.  This creates a crack repair membrane that allows the crack below to move and returns to the original positing. Nothing or no one can stop the ground from moving. The ground moves due to expansion and contraction during the changes of temperature each  day.  Not to mention, there is constant settling and shifting of the ground. The key property of the GUARDIAN® Crack Repair Product is that it can move and flex as the ground does. Additionally, the GUARDIAN® Product is waterproof and prevents water from penetrating down into the existing crack.  In doing so, the GUARDIAN® Product significantly minimizes the potential for reoccurring crack damage. The GUARDIAN® Product has proven effective in all types of weather and temperature ranges from below freezing to over 200° Fahrenheit.

The GUARDIAN Crack Repair Product provides outstanding longevity and durability, assuring long-term success of the repaired cracks on tennis courts. The product has proven so successful, the manufacturer provides a two-year warranty for the product that covers the replacement cost, material and labor were any section of the Guardian® Product to fail.

Guardian® Crack Repair Process

We are proud to serve residential and commercial communities in Northern California and Nevada, including San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Reno and the entire Bay Area. Contact us today for a friendly hassle-free estimate.

Court Surfacing

Tennis Court Surfacing

“Patch & Paint” Resurfacing Options

Sport Court Tennis can repair cracks and resurface tennis courts in a number of ways. The simplest and least expensive way is to simply “patch and paint” the court.

Sport Court Tennis Urethane Enhanced 100% Rohm-Hass Acrylic Color Options

Sport Court Tennis provides access to a number of color coating options, as opposed to just one by some of our competitors. In addition to our Sport Court Tennis Urethane Enhanced 100% Rohm-Hass Acrylic Colors, we are also able to also provide acrylic coatings from Nova, Extol, Laykold and others as needed.

Sport Court Tennis Rubber Cushioned Acrylic Coatings

Depending upon the level of rubber cushioning desired, Sport Court Tennis will apply six to twelve coats of rubberized material to the court prior to application of the final acrylic color coats.

Court Lighting

Court Lighting

Make your outdoor tennis court even more functional and enjoyable by adding LED lighting to illuminate your court when the sun goes down.

court lighting

Customized Tennis Courts

Whether you want a singles or a doubles tennis court, or even a multi-sport tennis arena to play tennis, basketball, volleyball, badminton, roller-hockey and soccer, in any event AllSport America will customize the court to match your needs.

Our tennis courts feature multi-sport net systems, adjustable tempered glass basketball systems, 10 foot high ball containment fencing around the entire perimeter, regulation tennis and volleyball lines. LED Tennis Lighting Systems are also available.

We are proud to serve residential and commercial communities in Northern California and Nevada, including San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Reno and the entire Bay Area.

Tennis Courts Gallery

Our Experience Says It All...

With over 100,000 court installations, we are the industry leader in residential and commercial court construction and sports flooring. AllSport America is your trusted source for total sports construction.

Backyard Basketball Sport Court Golden State Warriors Logo

“When an agent secures a listing on a home with a Sport Court® in it, I know they will have a much easier time finding a buyer for that house than a similar home with a swimming pool.”

- J.B. Goodwin, CEO/Broker, JBGoodwin Company

backyard residential basketball court sport court

“I wanted to let you know how much we love our Sport Court®. At least one of our three kids uses it every day. I promise I'm not exaggerating – we use it every day.”

- Cindy and Lamar Slay

Backyard Tennis Court Multi Sport

“The first night the court was completed, our entire family had a blast playing tennis and basketball and we realized how much 'together time' we had been missing.”

- Mac Pfeiffer

Backyard Basketball Court Sport Court

“My ability to continue to play through the joint pain, after so many years on concrete, was reaching the point of no return. Sport Court® gave me a second chance; and I am able even now at 65 to play two hours with no problems of any kind.”

- Howard Rubin

Backyard Basketball Court Golden State Warriors Colors

“I am writing to tell you how much our Sport Court® has meant to my family over the 14 years that we have had it. I have two boys, who early on used the Sport Court® to learn to ride tricycles and bikes because we live on a steep hill and this provided the only flat surface. They learned to hit the baseball off a tee and to catch. Eventually they learned to shoot baskets. They each have been excellent three-point shooters attributable solely to many hours they spent on the court.”

- Donde L. Plowman

Backyard Sport Court Game Court

“It's become an even bigger bonus now, with eight grandchildren, than it was with four children.”

- Russell Gregory

Backyard Basketball Court Sport Court with shuffleboard Sonora

“You originally constructed my Sport Court® in 1980 when my daughter was in middle school and my son was a freshman in high school. I feel that this contributed to their success in athletics in high school. My son played football and my daughter played several sports but she excelled in basketball she was selected to the All-District First Team.”

- Jenalou Hunsucker

Backyard Sport Court Game Court

“Dear Mark, It is almost 18 years ago that you built our court. Well, our kids are married but we have 4 grandkids. The grandkids have now taken over the court; it is neat to see them play so hard like our kids did. The investment of the Sport Court® game court is one of my best!!! There has been almost no maintenance in 18 years. The pool that we installed at the same time, the maintenance cost for that has been thousands of dollars over the years. Also, the usage of the court is at least 5-1 over the pool.”

- Len Ruby

Indoor Gymnasium Athletic Maple Flooring Sport Court

“Words cannot describe my gratitude. I can't believe what you did for me. I told John the entire story with (competitor) and how mad I was. Then I told him how awesome you were and how you came through with the Hockey equipment for his party. I wish I were working with you on this project but I know we will work together in the future. I can't wait to tell (competitor) all of my feelings. Thanks for being there today!”

- Michele Beach