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AllSport America offers a variety of safe court surfaces for any type of athletic court.  This includes indoor and outdoor courts for multi purpose, basketball, tennis, pickleball, volleyball, futsal, hockey and many others.

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PowerGame™ is the perfect outdoor playing surface for almost every sport. It is a complete surface that provides the best traction.  Also, PowerGame reduces skin abrasions in the event of a fall. As a result, it is the highest rated surface in the market. 

Athletes and doctors know that concrete is an enemy of the knee. In contrast to pavement, this shock absorbing surface makes it easy on your joints.  It reduces knee strain on every cut or pivot made with its Lateral Forgiveness™ technology. 

Sport Court Powergame Outdoor Performance Surface Backyard Basketball and tennis courts


Newly designed about 10 years ago, SportGame™ is an excellent multi sport court surface. This surface delivers solid traction and ball response, as well as low abrasion at a lesser price.  Furthermore, SportGame™ ranks No. 2 in the industry next to PowerGame™ and provides both great value and performance for your court.

Sportgame Sport Court Outdoor Surface
absorption deflection sport court
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Sport Court® surfaces come in a range of densities, all of which provide excellent shock absorption at the point of contact.


Sport Court® flooring helps to control the downward and side to side surface movement where floor contact is made. 


Sport Court® flooring provides the ideal amount of friction for all movements.

Ball Bounce

Sport Court® surfaces have consistent, true ball bounce and sound. As a result, they have the highest ratings of any synthetic court.

Rolling Load

With proper wheel carts, Sport Court® flooring can handle the rolling loads for any gym or multi purpose area.

ball bounce sport court
rolling load sport court
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Each year, Nike recycles over 2 million athletic shoes into granulated rubber and other materials. This Nike Grind stock is used in the manufacturing of many Sport Court® surfaces, which in turn increases their performance. We have been Nike's exclusive partner in the Reuse-a-Shoe program since 1998.


Sport Court is the official court surface for many professional leagues and collegiate programs throughout the world. Some of these organizations include the NCAA, US Soccer Foundation, US Youth Futsal, USTA, FIBA and the Olympics Committee

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