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With over 50 years in the business and Courtbuilders throughout Northern California and Northwest Nevada, AllSport America knows exactly what court surfaces will work best for your project.  Our outdoor court surfaces are all unique and can be used for any court - multi purpose, basketball, tennis, pickleball, volleyball, futsal, hockey and more. AllSport America is here to make your backyard court dreams become a reality - let's get started!


PowerGame+’s unmatched safety and playability make it the perfect court for championship competitions around the world and for your backyard athletes at home. Specially engineered to optimize shock absorption, reduced risk of impact injury and to provide the best combination of abrasion protection and dry traction. The patented Double-Tier shock absorbing grid and Lateral Forgiveness™ reduce joint strain and fatigue to help your family safely play for hours.

Powergame+Sport Court Basketball Modular Outdoor Sports Flooring


SportGame PB (PICKLEBALL) is an authentic sport surface, designed to last for over 15-years, that is specially engineered for recreational and competitive pickleball play while maximizing safety, reducing the risk of injury, and supporting physical play for hours at a time. Choose SportGame PB to provide your family and community a safe surface to enjoy the fastest growing sport in the USA!

in 2023, SportGame PB was named the official tile surface of USA Pickleball.

Sportgame PB Pickleball Outdoor Sports Tile Surface

Cushion Extreme 

Experience cushioned comfort like never before with Cushion Extreme®. Patented and proven, our product base is coated in a world-class hard coat acrylic tennis and pickleball court surfacing system. Cushion Extreme® is eco-friendly using elastomeric layers and dry-fill material bonded together as the cushion foundation. This puts a cushioned surface on every square inch of the court. Traditional cushioned acrylics have rubber particles in the paint and are squeegee applied, but there is no way to get complete cushion coverage with that process. Cushion Extreme® is applied independently on every square inch of the court and the acrylic color coats are applied after.

Cushion Extreme® gets the player off of the hard concrete or asphalt while offering a ¼” layer to disguise cracks forming in the foundation…Providing you with a subtle, yet noticeable cushion to keep you playing harder, longer, and providing your court with less maintenance and more longevity.

Cushion Extreme Breakout Layering

Nova ProBounce

Our cushioned Nova ProBounce® tennis court surface is engineered to perform better and work harder in all conditions, so you can, too. ProBounce® is stronger and better than...

• Hard post tension concrete

• Costly new construction

• Crack-filling & repainting

• An asphalt overlay

• Tearing up the surrounding landscape

Our Patented ProBounce® Technology is a long term solution for the tennis court you have always dreamed of. A monolithic pavement, cushioned overlay, ProBounce® bridges large structural cracks. The surface ‘floats’ on top of existing crushed stone, asphalt, or concrete. A flexible but stationary pavement for a remarkable look and remarkable play. From surface to resurface, we bring the right fit for every project.

NGI sports Nova ProBounce Tennis and Pickleball Court Overlay
Ngi Nova Probounce Description
Outdoor Sport Court Hangout House Residential









Building a court in your backyard is all about creating time to enjoy with friends and family, and forge memories that will last a lifetime. Watch your kids play sports in the comfort of your own backyard, knowing they are safe and knowing where they are. Contact us to get started on the design and implementation of your dream court!

absorption deflection sport court
friction sport court


Sport Court® surfaces come in a range of densities, all of which provide excellent shock absorption at the point of contact.


Sport Court® flooring helps to control the downward and side to side surface movement where floor contact is made. 


Sport Court® flooring provides the ideal amount of friction for all movements.

Ball Bounce

Sport Court® surfaces have consistent, true ball bounce and sound. As a result, they have the highest ratings of any synthetic court.

Rolling Load

With proper wheel carts, Sport Court® flooring can handle the rolling loads for any gym or multi purpose area.

ball bounce sport court
rolling load sport court
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Each year, Nike recycles over 2 million athletic shoes into granulated rubber and other materials. This Nike Grind stock is used in the manufacturing of many Sport Court® surfaces, which in turn increases their performance. We have been Nike's exclusive partner in the Reuse-a-Shoe program since 1998.


Sport Court is the official court surface for many professional leagues and collegiate programs throughout the world. Some of these organizations include the NCAA, US Soccer Foundation, US Youth Futsal, USTA, FIBA and the Olympics Committee

Sport Court sponsors and official flooring

Our Experience Says It All...

With over 100,000 court installations, we are the industry leader in residential and commercial court construction and sports flooring. AllSport America is your trusted source for total sports construction.