Outdoor Sport Court for Schools

Why Schools Should Invest Into Safe Sport Court Surfacing

Firstly, the majority of schools have a blacktop asphalt surface where students enage in sports and recreation.  Aside from the on-going maintenance, asphalt surfaces harm the students developing legs. Asphalt provides no force reduction. It is the leading contributor to knee ailments and leg injuries.

What Makes Sport Court® Safer?

Sport Court® surfacing was built to provide high levels of shock absorption and Lateral Forgiveness©. The surface has a two-tier shock absorbing leg structure. This feature supports vertical lift and force reduction when jumping and landing.  Lateral Forgiveness is only available with Sport Court®.  The way our surfaces connect on all sides provide subtle movement laterally in all 4 directions.  As a result, when an athlete pivots or moves suddenly from one direction to another, the surface absorbs the force.  Many injuries with the knee and ankle occur due to lateral movement restriction.  This is why Sport Court is the best option for your schools athletic surface.

Read the article published by Safe Schools on the safety tips and benefits of artifical surfaces.

Here is the list of our surface options to choose from!

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