Sport Court® - Parks and Recreation

The Best Long-Term Investment For Your Park

Sport Court® surfacing has long been known as a the best long-term investment for any park basketball court, multi-purpose court, or tennis court. For the past 40 years, AllSport America has worked with Parks and Recreation departments.  We have fixed existing, cracked asphalt basketball and tennis court surfaces.  Sport Court® surfacing is a suspended overlay, so you never have to look at cracks ever again.  This type of surface provides an extremely orthopedic surface to play on, protecting athletes joints and ligaments.

Departments spend an average of $10,000 every 3 years to resurface cracked asphalt courts.  Sport Court surfacing is a 25-30 year solution that will cost much less over the long-term. In the long-run, this provides more flexibility with budget spending.

There are articles about how to pack courts with players and programs using Sport Court, according to the NRPA

New Construction Sport Court or Bocce Ball Court

If your department is more interested in developing a new Sport Court or Bocce Ball Court, AllSport America will manage the full construction of this project.  We are a Licensed Class A General Engineering Company and have built over 10,000 courts from the ground up.  Our construction specialist will assemble a general plan and proposal on the best way to engineer the court and the options available.

How Large Are The Courts?

All court sizes are custom.  We can tailer any court to the space available, or to the particular sports you want available on the court.  Typical basketball courts are 50' x 84' or 50' x 94'. We can also build smaller half-court projects that include basketball, tennis, badminton, and volleyball. Bocce courts range anywhere from 12' x 60' to 12' x 70' and sometimes larger.