Health Benefits

Although you and your kids may be tempted to stay inside drinking hot cocoa and watching movies, it’s so important to keep moving! Your Sport Court allows the perfect opportunity to get the blood pumping all throughout the chillier months with fall sports and winter sports.

Staying indoors all day during the winter is sure to give any kid a case of the grumpies. Without a daily dose of Vitamin D from the sun or their normal active lifestyles, the colder months can really take a hit on the entire family. With up to 25% of the population being mildly or severely affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), outdoor fall sports and winter sports can help brush off the winter blues.

Brisk cold-weather exercise can also improve both nervous immune system functioning. When your body must adapt to different weather conditions, it gains skills and functioning that people have lost as we live in increasingly temperature-controlled environments.

Sport Court Batting Cage

Sport Court Batting Cage


America’s pastime hits a full swing in the fall with the culmination of the MLB season into the World Series. If your family watched wishing you could be out on the field instead of the pros, try playing on your Sports Court! Whether a simple game of catch, adding markers for bases or equipping your backyard Sports Court with a batting cage, you can have your own perfect game.

Flag Football

Why watch the Big Game when you can play it? Instead of huddling around the TV or buying expensive tickets, try pulling everyone together to play a friendly game of flag football! Your backyard Sport Court offers the perfect venue to create your own Turkey Bowl within the comfort of your own home. No need to make contact, flag football is fun for all ages. Similar to the rules of the pros with minor adjustments, learn all the rules here.

Your backyard Sport Court is even gentle on knees, hands, and elbows to ensure a safe and fun environment in case anyone forgets it’s not tackle! The Sport Court flooring provides the quality performance and safety your family is looking for.

Backyard Sport Court Game Court

Backyard Sport Court Game Court



When installing your backyard Sports Court, there’s no perfect time to add the right lines to create a backyard tennis court. Whether with the sweat and pure skill of a Williams sister, or a casual game of POP Tennis or Pickleball, these fall sports will get your heart pumping!

Playing singles or doubles, all you need are rackets and a ball! Bringing together your friends and family with a lot of fun and a little healthy competition is sure to make memories that will last a lifetime.







How to Turn Your Sport Court Into An Ice Rink

How to Turn Your Sport Court Into An Ice Rink

Ice Sports

If you live in a colder climate, your backyard court can transform into a winter wonderland! Flooding your Sport Court is easy and a great way to turn your backyard into a unique and exciting neighborhood hangout. Sport Court floorings are built to endure and last through long and cold winters, including turning the backyard basketball court into your backyard ice rink with just a few, easy steps!

Most courts can be fitted with pre-made dasher boards (walls) and kits but you can also make your own with a trip to your local hardware store. With a few 2x10 boards fit and bolted around the perimeter of your court, full the entire surface of your court with one inch of water. Let the water freeze solid and make sure to test the ice before skating. Explore the world of winter sports with your Sport Court!

No matter the sport, don’t forget to get out there these fall and winter seasons and embrace the cold! Your Sport Court is waiting for you.

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