Time for a Refresh

Over a decade ago, the Pacific Shores Club entrusted AllSport America and Sport Court to provide a high performance, multi-use athletic floor in their gymnasium.  After years of companies moving in and out, Google now occupies the surrounding business park around the Pacific Shores Club.

With a total of ten buildings in the complex, Pacific Shores sees a lot of activity. Thousands of employees work at this complex every day and the world-class fitness center sees many of them come through its doors.

Following over ten years of daily heavy wear and tear, this floor was ready for an upgrade.  Between Google and the Pacific Shores Club, they wanted to keep the same Sport Court performance flooring system but upgrade the overall aesthetics.  

They came to us wanting a surface that would last for years, require little maintenance, perform well, and look amazing! We had the perfect solution.

Enter Response HG: Maple Select. Ideal for school and fitness gymnasiums, church flooring, and anyone who loves wood flooring but not the hassle. With 99% ball bounce performance ratings, high shock absorption, and the look and feel of a real maple wood floor, it was a no brainer for this bright and airy gymnasium.  The suspended modular Response HG system allows for the long, high-performance play that is needed, while still easy on the joints and muscles.

The Remodel Begins

We began by taking out the old surface to reveal the sound and shock attenuating rubber layer, which also needed to be replaced.  The shock absorbing underlayment was also upgraded from a thickness of 1.5mm to 3.0mm, increasing shock absorption by 10%!

In just three days, we completely overhauled this gymnasium with a beautiful new floor that will last for decades. Looking just like wood, there will be no worries about moisture damage, re-coating or sanding/refinishing. The high gloss finish is a factory-applied and field-renewable polyurethane coating that will keep this floor looking great for years to come.

Google Knows the Value of a Sport Court

These amenities are a hot commodity that helps to not only attract high-value prospects into your company but lowers health care costs as well! Allowing their employees to find a live-work balance on campus ensures strong morale and productivity. Talk about a win-win!

Thank you to Google and Pacific Shores Club for trusting us once again with your indoor Sport Court construction needs! One project down, on to the next.

Google Campus Commercial Indoor Basketball Before
Google Campus Commercial Indoor Basketball Construction (1)
Google Indoor Sport Court
Indoor Sport Court Basketball Court at Google in Redwood City, CA | Response HG Maple Select Surface for Recreation Center Gym Floor
These Google employees scored with this indoor Sport Court!

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