Building A Better Bishop Ranch

Bishop Ranch Business Park knows that continually investing in their tenants and community is the best way to build their reputation and loyalty within the area. The buildings the tenants work in every day are a no-brainer. However, the executive team at Bishop Ranch knew they had to support their culture of wellness and camaraderie outside the workspace as well. They wanted to build an area around the Lake at Bishop Ranch that would allow them to stand out from any other business park in the region. When designing their Roundhouse Market and Conference Center, they knew they wanted to be a destination for not only their own tenants but also visiting businesses looking to host conferences and meetings.

AllSport America specializes in developing these employee amenity areas. With years of experience, creative design, a variety of options available, and low-maintenance and orthopedic surfaces, we have become the premier sports construction company in Northern California and Nevada. This is why Bishop Ranch came to us to help make their dreams a reality.

Bishop Ranch Employees Playing Bocce Ball
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All-Star Quality

For this project specifically, there were two different demographics we had to please. Some employees like to sweat and engage in a competitive and fun sport, while others are still looking to have fun and be active, but not have to shower afterward. The solution was simple. One Volleyball Sport Court and two Pacific Pearl Bocce Ball Courts!

Sport Court is the official playing surface for the Men's and Women's NCAA Volleyball Championships and the USA Volleyball National Teams. This surface plays with championship level performance, but is highly customizable, and requires almost zero maintenance. Our Pacific Pearl Bocce surface is a patented, low-maintenance surface that we have installed on campuses for companies like Apple, Facebook, Instagram, Paypal, and LinkedIn. Traditional organic oyster shell surfaces for Bocce require a substantial level of maintenance.  You must rake, broom, wet, and roll the surface before every game to prepare. No one has time for that, especially not when you have thousands of employees causing daily wear and tear elsewhere on campus.

Community Starts Here

It's more important than ever to invest in these spaces and give your employees a place to stay active, healthy, happy, and to release their energy. Not only is it a huge draw to your business or corporate campus, but it’s also almost a requirement when looking to draw in new employees and tenants. Promoting a healthy work-life balance is vital in this marketplace and economy. When planning your own Basketball, Volleyball, Tennis, or Bocce Ball Court, make sure to go with someone you can trust. Indoor or outdoor, we do it all!

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